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Dispatch Portfolio Projects

Dispatch's annual Portfolio Projects represent our close collaboration with established and early-career contemporary artists to produce new works in small limited-edition in specific curatorial selections.

The proceeds from the Portfolio Projects sustain our model for a curatorial office and project space in New York and our continuing activities. It is thanks to the support and outstanding work of these artists that we can offer such a distinctive set of works.

Please contact us for more information, sales and pre-orders.

Kai Althoff, Joe Bradley, Alex Hubbard and Olivier Mosset

ed. 20 + 5 AP, various sizes, portfolio size: 22 x 22 in., (c) 2009

Matthew Brannon, José León Cerrillo, Daniel Lefcourt, Eileen Quinlan

ed. 17 + 4AP, 20 x 24 in., (c) 2008

John Armleder, John Tremblay, Philippe Decrauzat and Mika Tajima
ed. 17 + 4AP, 21 x 28 in., (c) 2007-2008

    image: Daniel Lefcourt, Stack, 2008 inside Portfolio #2.