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November 8 – December 13 2009

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Krysten Cunningham's Hypercube video featured on


Image: Still from Hypercube, 2006

Dispatch is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Krysten Cunningham, her first one-person show in New York.

Krysten Cunningham cultivates unexpected associations to material, form and reference, connecting an analytic curiosity for formal structures and scientific theories to the discourse of art and craft.  For her exhibition TANGENTAL at Dispatch, Cunningham presents an installation of new assemblages and sculptures alongside her 2006 video piece, Hypercube

An appropriated educational film found at the UCLA physics lab where the artist has worked for several years, Hypercube aims to illustrate the idea of 4-dimensional space.  Re-narrated by Cunningham, the video emphasizes her interest in the way scientific ideas can be articulated and offers a context for the artist's interest in experimenting with complex geometric forms.

In TANGENTAL Cunningam presents amalgams of lines, shapes and objects that relate within an expanded field of geometry: one that includes the approximation of geometrical shapes and ideas as well as the importance of perception as it records the relation between objects and forms.  She draws from readymade objects available to her in the workspace and combines them with precisely worked materials such as hand-dyed yarns that are wound, woven and assembled.  A main influence cited by the artist is Anni Albers, in particular her use of weaving as text and her adherence to 'form as a language'.  There is an alternation between high and low, softness and structure as her inspiration ranges from the gift works by the Shakers to Smithson’s use of his environment.  

Cunningham (b. 1973, New Haven CT) received her MFA in 2003 from UCLA and her BFA in 2000 from the University of New Mexico. She has had solo exhibitions and projects with Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles; Sies + Höke, Dusseldorf; Ritter/Zamet, London UK; and LACE, Los Angeles. She and has been featured in group shows including Bitch is the New Black at Honor Fraser in Los Angeles; Beyond Measure at Kettles Yard, Cambridge, England, THING: New Sculpture from Los Angeles, UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles among many others in Austin, Berlin, Brussels, Los Angeles and Zurich.

Dispatch is pleased to present, concurrently with Krysten Cunningham’s exhibition: A Feminist Lending Library in the Dispatch bookshelf with related reading groups through mid-December. Organized by Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden.

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Installation View, Tangental


Axle, 2009, Powder coated Aluminum, wool, styrene, pencil, aluminum, construction tape, wool felt, pins


Ship Rack, 2009
MDF, linen, thread, nails, wood (ash), oil-paint, steel, cane


Quercitron, 2009, Cardboard, cyanoacrylate, painted steel, aluminum, powder coated steel, wool yarn, black oak dye, wool felt


Stick, 2009, Stick and Thread


RGB Baby, 2009, Stainless steel, acrylic yarn