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For Immediate Release
April 15, 2010

Dispatch is pleased to announce its transition to a peripatetic model that will focus on curatorial production, collaboration, and publishing beyond the local reception site it has occupied over the past three years in New York’s Lower East Side. This transition marks further effort to explore the possibilities of the Dispatch curatorial project in creating virtual and ad hoc physical locations for projects and exhibitions. Dispatch is a continuing curatorial partnership led by Howie Chen and Gabrielle Giattino.

Since 2007, Dispatch has presented over twenty exhibitions, projects and special events at the Henry Street location. In addition, the partnership has organized offsite exhibitions and projects including those hosted at various international locations (Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark, among others).

For 2010, Dispatch will work towards a fourth limited edition portfolio project as well as focus on curatorial activities such as "RE: New York Art Yearbook, 1975-1976"— an iterative and generative project based on the publication originally edited by curator Judith Tannenbaum. The anomalous publication commissioned by a scientific reference book company, meticulously covered all solo artist exhibitions that occurred from September 1975 to June 1976 in New York City. The first exhibition took place at the Rhode Island School of Design this winter, and the second will be presented at the second annual No Soul For Sale at the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall this May.

Gabrielle Giattino will independently launch a gallery, BUREAU at 127 Henry Street.

Howie Chen launches JEQU (Juicing the Equilibrium: Critique, Value, Markets, Prices) project with artist/attorney Jason Kakoyiannis.


* * *

Gabrielle Giattino will launch an independent and autonomous commercial gallery, BUREAU, at 127 Henry Street. Bureau will focus on developing a program with a select group of artists, including several who have shown at Dispatch. Bureau aims to develop and support its artists’ practices and careers, produce and present exhibitions and represent artists in the wider, international art world.

The gallery will launch May 9th 2010 with a group exhibition, Solid-State featuring work by Barb Choit, Vivienne Griffin, Alex Hubbard, Viktor Kopp and Daniel Lefcourt.

Represented artists will include Erica Baum, Ellie Ga, Tom Holmes, Viktor Kopp, Justin Matherly and Lionel Maunz. Bureau’s website will launch in mid-April:, for more information please email office [at]

* * *

Howie Chen and Jason Kakoyiannis launch JEQU (Juicing the Equilibrium: Critique, Value, Markets, Prices), a collaborative project to assess the ability for critical art practices and conversations to narrate the complex reality of cultural production. Can the tools and models of sociology and cultural economics help art producers generate new critical demands and leverage?

Recent presentations include a seminar with Luc Boltanski at Artists Space and a lecture by Olav Velthuis sited at the Independent. Upcoming events, publications and objects planned for Fall 2010.