Nov 4 - My Own Private Marathon:
Finish Line at 7pm at DISPATCH

Nov 15 - XX:
a day-long duet with Madame X

2008: limited-edition c-print avalable of Adamo in-situ with Madame X.

Press Clip: Art in America


With Museum Museum--a series of personal experiences inside and about the Metropolitan Museum of Art--David Adamo assigns himself tasks that push the limits of his own will. Part performance and part research trips, these incidents are the starting point for a sequence of installations and projects in which Adamo aims to dissect and reprocess both gathered data and the memories of his experiences. Never satisfied to allow boundaries to be defined for him, Adamo navigates limits of normal behavior and circumstance, and in so doing redefines where those borders lie.

Through his investigations of the everyday, Adamo orchestrates subtle gestures that are nonetheless courageous and triumphant. Limits may be set by outside circumstance - for example, the regulations of entry for the New York City Marathon - yet his work does not delight in simply breaking rules. Instead, Adamo skates along the defining line of such parameters.

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