DISPATCH to Les Urbaines
Dec 6-8 2007

Espace Basta -

David Adamo installation at
Dispatch Office


Dispatch transplants its fully working curatorial office to Espace Basta during Les Urbaines, becoming a base and relay post for displays and information. Featuring work by Ellie Ga, an artist who is currently aboard a polar schooner, faxed drawings from Frank Olive who resides in Syracuse, New York and Seth Zucker, the New York-based graphic designer who works with Dispatch, and a site-specific installation by David Adamo will be presented in the main space.

Untitled (Valeria), 2007
This installation forms a constellation of diverse objects into which the artist allocates distinct degrees of power, conjuring symbols of decadence in opposition to power stripped-bare. The work can be seen as the residue of a performance as the artist’s practice has been informed extensively by his work in the worlds of dance and performance. The assemblage takes shape through the artist’s attention to movement and the body as the objects take their place within the space.