DISPATCH to Les Urbaines, Lausanne - Dec 2007

Circuit - Mika Tajima, José Léon Cerrillo
New Humans performance Dec 7

Mika Tajima
Thin Line, 2007

Thin Line consists of several elements acting as singular sculptural objects, staging for a noise performance by New Humans, and stand-ins for absent performers. Drawing from Bauhaus display design and 80s style louvered advertising signage found in stadiums, Thin Line presents the object and site of constant performance punctuated by a live set by New Humans using broken mirrors as instruments.
José León Cerrillo
a continuous present and using everything and beginning again, 2007
  Consisting of transparent sculptural elements and projection of images from Mexico City and beyond, the work sits somewhere between totality and fragmentation, appealing to a kind of language for dealing with the implications of what might be possible now. More interested in the notion of mise en scène than formal installation, a continuous present is regarded as an extension/continuation of an ongoing project.