Tris Vonna-Michell -

with on-site performances Nov 14-17

Co-Presented with PERFORMA for PERFORMA07

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Tris Vonna-Michell occupies the office and channels of DISPATCH to relay, perform and weave through the permutations of a story that began with a quest for Henri Chopin. DISPATCH functions as the organ connecting the audience to the performer, both live at the Dispatch Bureau and available for the duration of the Biennial via telephone calls placed using bespoke phone cards obtained at the Bureau.

As a performer, Vonna-Michell meanders through the aimless pursuit of weaving intricate tales while bombarding his audience with facts, miscellany and timelines. Narratives are conveyed so quickly that once the listener tries to make sense of the imparted data, the following details are lost. Vonna-Michell speeds through his story, intimate and compulsive; his style of prose and the meter of his telling has a similar rhythm and virtuosity of the best disc-jockey -- only Vonna-Michell jockeys images, anecdotes, riddles and references.